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Pneumatic fitting

Understanding the needs of our customers and partners is the first step on the way to creating products ideally suited to their requirements. MB Pneumatyka achieves this goal thanks to a team of experts who, based on their knowledge and experience in the field of pneumatic connectors, advise on the selection of the best solutions.

Małgorzata Bieniaszewska

Although I have always felt that my mission is teaching English to others, finally, in the fight for my career, the family business and its reigning connectors for pneumatic systems in commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons won out. I have been running MB Pneumatyka for over 20 years, offering clients the solutions to ensure their safety. My mission is to run a socially responsible business and act in accordance with the values of man - respect - reputation.

Małgorzata BieniaszewskaKnows PolandKnows English

Founder/Sales Director

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As a sales manager, I represent MB Pneumatyka in contacts with customers. I am an engineer with an enthusiastic attitude to work. Curious about the world and people, I am inquiring about the needs of our Business Partners. Privately, my passion is diving - I am fascinated by the possibility of exploring the underwater world.

Marcin KapałaKnows PolandKnows English

Sales Manager

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Marcin Kapała